Sven Sobrie


Sven Sobrie graduated from KU Leuven’s Faculty of Law in 2010. He then joined the university’s Institute of Civil Procedure, where he obtained a doctoral degree in 2016. In 2012, he joined the bar and Omega Law, first on a part-time basis and, after the successful completion of his PhD, full-time.

Sven’s expertise lies mainly in procedural law in the broadest sense. In addition to regular commercial litigation, including proceedings before the Market Court, he deals with cassation proceedings. In 2019, he successfully completed the four-year professional training program in cassation.

In addition to his career as a lawyer, Sven is still affiliated with KU Leuven as a research fellow. Furthermore, he is a member of the Litigation sub-editorial board of the Tijdschrift voor Belgisch Handelsrecht, and an editorial board member of the legal website He has an extensive list of publications in the field of civil procedural law and regularly provides training to lawyers and magistrates. In 2015, he received the TPR Prize for a contribution on the financing of justice.

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