Britt Weyts


Britt studied at the University of Antwerp (Lic.Juris 1997).

In 2003 she obtained her Ph.D. at the same university with a thesis on the subject of Comparative Negligence. Her Ph.D. was awarded the Collin Prize for Law (2004).

In 2004 she became a lawyer at the Brussels Bar within the law firm Thelius. In 2008 she joined the team of Johan Verbist at Linklaters.

In 2013 she joined the law firm Verbist & Vanlerberghe Omega Law.

Britt is active in the broad domain of tort law and insurance law.

Britt has always combined her practice as a lawyer with an academic career. At present, she is a professor at the University of Antwerp in the areas of tort law and insurance law.

She is the author, co-author and editor of numerous books and articles in legal periodicals on various topics.

+32 3 259 29 29